Book Boys Brain Break: Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao

Learn How to Make Taste Buds Say, “Wow!”

Perfection can be tricky, but Allister, Elliott, and Max won’t let that stop them from trying to make delicious bao.…So good, it’ll make their taste buds say, “Wow!”

After reading the Book of the Week, Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao, the Book Boys are joined by author Kat Zhang as they try their hand at making their own perfect, tasty Chinese bun. It won’t be easy, but with some patience and perseverance, they know they can get it just right.

Please play this original music video for your class as a brain break after recess or lunch. Be careful: it might make you all hungry!

We Suggest:

1. Read aloud the Book of the Week, Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao.

2. Play the Book Boys music video between lessons or after recess or lunch. Encourage students to sing along!

3. Open up a conversation about a time when your students really wanted to get something just right and how they succeeded.

What do your students think is the perfect recipe for perseverance? If you’re able, please share with the Scholastic Book Clubs community on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #ScholasticBookClubs.

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