Meet Kat Zhang

Exclusive Video Interview with the Author of Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao

“The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized that it’s so special to write books for younger people. When I was growing up, in elementary school and middle school, those were some of the times that books meant the most to me and inspired me and stayed with me.”

Just like Amy Wu—the titular character of the Scholastic Book Clubs Book of the Week, Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao—author Kat Zhang loved spending quality time with her parents as a child and learning how to make bao.…

And, just like Amy Wu, she was on a mission to make the world’s most perfect bao!

Watch Kat’s exclusive author interview with your class to discover how Kat’s own childhood inspired this delicious tale of tenacity and family.

Kat shares how she got started writing at a young age and why she thinks writing for children is so special; which character illustrator Charlene Chua introduced to the story; and why she thinks making bao and writing books aren’t all that different.

Please play the video for your students and introduce them to the author—and get them excited to read Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao!

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About Kat Zhang

Kat Zhang loves traveling to places both real and fictional—the former have better souvenirs, but the latter allow for dragons, so it’s a tough choice. A writer of books for teens and children, Kat spends her free time scribbling poetry, taking photographs, and climbing atop things she shouldn’t. You can learn more about her at

About Charlene Chua

Charlene Chua draws many things, from bao to dragons and everything in between. When they are not drawing, Charlene enjoys cooking, reading, and playing with their cats. Charlene grew up in Singapore, and now lives in Canada. Their favorite bao are still char siu bao (roast pork), and their favorite dumplings are air-fryer wontons!

Behind the Scenes

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