Activity: “My Perfect Recipe”

Activity: “My Perfect Recipe”

To make the activity easier for younger students, their recipes can be simplified into basic steps. For example, how to make a cup of tea: First, I will boil water. Then, I will put the tea bag in the cup. Next, I will pour hot water into the cup. Last, I will let the tea bag steep for four minutes before removing it.

Amy Wu is on a mission to make the perfect bao. What “perfect” recipe will your students make?

After reading the Book of the Week with your class, download this free printable “My Perfect Recipe” worksheet. Students can practice their sequencing and writing skills by sharing a recipe they love, whether it’s a scrumptious meal from their family cookbook or something amazing they just made up!


This activity was inspired by Kimberly Harper, a grade 2–5 teacher from Mill Creek Elementary in Madison, Alabama. Watch her Teacher Share video in Book Talks to discover even more tasty ways you can use Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao in your classroom.

What recipes did your students come up with? If you’re able, please share with the Scholastic Book Clubs community on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #ScholasticBookClubs.

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