Book Boys Brain Break: Tacky the Penguin

His Name Is Tacky!

Roll call—the penguins are on the move! One special bird is a little out of step, but as Allister, Elliott, and Max learn, sometimes it’s okay to stand out from the pack.


Give your students a brain break by playing the Book Boys’ new music video inspired by Tacky the Penguin, written by Helen Lester and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. It’s a great way to help students refocus between lessons or after recess or lunch—and to open up much-needed conversations about embracing our unique qualities.

We Suggest:


1. Read aloud Tacky the Penguin


2. Share the Book Boys’ music video after lunch or recess and encourage your students to dance along


3. Afterward, ask your students to think about some ways that they are like Tacky! What are some things they do that stand out? How can these qualities be helpful?


If you’re able, please share your students singing, dancing, or listening along to the Book Boys Brain Break videos on Facebook and Instagram. Please use the hashtag #ScholasticBookClubs.

Meet the Book Boys

Allister, Elliott, and Max are three friends who work at Scholastic Book Clubs and love books—and they want to share the joy of reading with your students! New this school year: every week, you can watch the Book Boys performing a brand-new fun, educational, and engaging song and Brain Break activity to get students excited about the Book of the Week. Play the Book Boys videos in your classroom (or at home) to help your students connect to the story and explore the exciting world of reading.

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