Book Boys Brain Break: Dragons Love Tacos

It’s Taco Party Time!

After reading Dragons Love Tacos, written by Adam Rubin and illustrated by Daniel Salmieri, the Book Boys host a fiesta of their own. But there’s one rule they absolutely must remember or things could get a little explosive.…

Play Allister, Elliott, and Max’s latest music video as a brain break for your students to get readers excited to take a bite out of Dragons Love Tacos. Brain breaks are a great way to help students refocus between lessons or after recess or lunch.

We Suggest:

1. Play the Book Boys music video during a brain break between lessons

2. Read aloud Dragons Love Tacos with your class

3. After reading, open up a conversation about taking responsibility for our actions (such as when the dragons accidentally burn down the house and help to rebuild it) and how your students can rectify a problem or help come up with a solution

We’d love to hear about how your students make friends. If you’re able, please share your students’ responses with the Scholastic Book Clubs community on Facebook and Instagram. Please use the hashtag #ScholasticBookClubs.

Meet the Book Boys

Allister, Elliott, and Max are three friends who work at Scholastic Book Clubs and love books—and they want to share the joy of reading with your students! New this school year: every week, you can watch the Book Boys performing a brand-new fun, educational, and engaging song and Brain Break activity to get students excited about the Book of the Week. Play the Book Boys videos in your classroom (or at home) to help your students connect to the story and explore the exciting world of reading.

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