Teacher Share: Tacky the Penguin

A 3-Minute Video on Using a Delightful Picture Book to Embrace Our Uniqueness

“[Tacky the Penguin] will let your kids know that it is okay to be perfectly imperfect. You don’t have to follow the crowd, and you can always be yourself no matter what!” —Debrice Hill

Tacky is a penguin who marches (and sings and dances) to his own unique beat.


First grade teacher Debrice Hill from Trinity Christian Academy in Florida thinks Tacky the Penguin, written by Helen Lester and illustrated by Lynn Munsinger, is a cool role model for showing her students that it’s okay to move to their own rhythm too!

Watch Debrice’s Teacher Share video to discover some ways you can use Tacky the Penguin with your class to teach:

• Making Predictions: Look at the cover of Tacky the Penguin together and encourage students to make guesses about what’s inside. How many penguins will there be? What season is it? What will happen?

Keep predicting! As you read, pause and encourage students to guess what happens next.


• Social-Emotional Learning: Show your students that it’s fine to be perfectly imperfect! It’s okay to be different and it’s okay to be yourself all of the time—and it’s okay to join in and help others.


• Math: There are many opportunities for counting—the penguins, the bad guys, and more! Plus students can try to put Tacky’s offbeat marching (and numbers) in order.


• Read Aloud: Students can read, chant, and sing along as you read the story. It’s a great way to keep kids engaged and help them find patterns in the words.


Download a free printable “I Am a Penguin!” describe-and-draw activity in this week’s Cooked Up from a Book.

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