Teacher Share: Dragons Love Tacos

A 3-Minute Video on Using the Book of the Week to Teach Fluency, Sequencing, Vocabulary, and Writing

Dragons Love Tacos is an amazing book for any kind of learner, any kind of student—everybody can get something out of this book.…[Readers] are just laughing so hard!” —Lindsay Sauer

Dragons love taco parties—and so does first grade teacher Lindsay Sauer!

Watch Lindsay’s Teacher Share video to discover the many ways you can use Dragons Love Tacos, a deliciously funny picture book, with your students. It’s guaranteed to not only make your students laugh, but you’re sure to love it too!

• Sequencing: Students can retell the story of Dragons Love Tacos in their own words. If you like, you can also provide them with puppets to use in their recounting.

• Problem and Solution: In the story, the community must come together to solve a big problem. Open up a conversation about how we can address challenges better together.

• Cause and Effect: While dragons love mild toppings, spicy toppings can lead to some wild effects. Encourage students to find other examples of cause and effect in the book.

• How-to Procedural Writing: Students can give instructions for creating their own dragon-friendly tacos.

• Vocabulary Using Whole Body Motions: As students practice new vocabulary, help them lock in their new learning by pairing it with a unique body movement. For example, for “dragon,” students might pretend to breathe fire with their arms out wide!

Download a free printable “Dragons Love My Tacos!” recipe activity to practice sequencing in this week’s Cooked Up from a Book.

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