Teacher Review: Tiny Rabbit’s Big Wish

3-Minute Video on Understanding How Change Helps Us Grow

“[Tiny Rabbit’s Big Wish] allows your students to see the power of being uniquely themselves—and also teaches them how important change is.” —Tiffany Williams

Just like the tiny rabbit, we all grow through change—and we are all special in our own way!


That’s one of the core lessons that Tiffany Williams, a library media specialist from Mena, Arkansas, hopes students take away from the uplifting and empowering Book of the Week, Tiny Rabbit’s Big Wish written by Margarita Engle and illustrated by David Walker.


Watch Tiffany’s teacher review video to discover class activities that you can use alongside Tiny Rabbit’s Big Wish, including:


• Making Connections: While you’re reading Tiny Rabbit’s Big Wish aloud, pause at different points in the story for a turn and talk! Students can discuss how the rabbit is feeling and point out personal connections to the text.

In this activity, students turn to a nearby classmate to discuss a particular topic. Turn and talks are a great way to make sure every student has their voice heard!



• Exploring a Character’s Growth: Have a class discussion about how characters in books often learn lessons just like people do. Review how the tiny rabbit grows in the story.


• Reviewing Lessons Learned: Encourage students to compare lessons that the rabbit learns in the story with lessons that they’ve learned in their own lives. Journaling is a great way for students to express themselves in writing!


Try a classroom activity inspired by Tiffany’s suggestions in this week’s Cooked Up from a Book!


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